Hello there. My name is Kristin and currently I’m working as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit in Saint Paul, MN. I really enjoy nursing and plan on continually advancing myself in the nursing field throughout my career. I have many things I’m passionate about and my bucket list is infinite. Some of these include: learning how to knit, running a half marathon, traveling abroad for an extended amount of time, learn how to make sushi and become proficient in a romantic language - like French or Italian. And yes, I’m aware this all sounds very Eat, Pray, Love-ish.

But, one step at a time and right now I’m checking off #1,325 - starting a blog about learning to cook. I know what’s healthy and the benefits of eating these foods and want to learn how to incorporate them into tasty, composed dishes. I’m determined and dedicated to this journey for many reasons. I love how food brings people together - one of my main goals is to be able to host family and friends for meals. And a much more obvious reason, I LOVE FOOD!

Here’s to learning to cook and discovering myself one dish at a time.