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And coming back with a vengeance! I don’t know how I slipped away from the food blogging world - I suppose life happens just as it does for anyone else. I’ve missed sharing my kitchen adventures and even though I have not kept up the writing, the cooking has never stopped.

I’m going to give the whole PALEO thing a shot, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on the effects that gluten, processed foods and sugar have on our bodies and the inflammatory process that ensues. Being a nurse, health is important to me and believe as a society we need to be proactive rather than reactive in taking care of ourselves. A recent study released ground-breaking news that the inflammatory processed caused by diets high in empty-calories, processed foods and sugar is the leading cause of heart disease rather than high blood cholesterol levels that had been supported for several decades. Here’s more on that if you’re interested.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, I feel it’s the best way to set your intention and mood for the rest of the day. Today I scrambled up an egg, egg whites, mushrooms and red onion and topped that with avocado and salsa next to some steamed yams. I’m still full 4 hours later.

It’s good to be back and am excited to try some new recipes this coming week. Stay tuned!

My breakfast escape. Can’t think of a more relaxing way to start my day than with fresh fruit, fresh flowers, coffee, OJ and my staple breakfast burrito. Bliss.